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We offer a wedding package for $1,000.00 or less in the state of Georgia:

  • You will get both me and my wife for the full day of your wedding.  If you want us there at 7 a.m. we will be there if you want us until 12 midnight we will be there. 

  • You will get all of the digital pictures that we take so if we take 1000 or 3000 pictures you will get all of them on a DVD disc that you will be able to print.

  • You will get a DVD disc video slideshow of your pictures.

  • You will get a DVD disc of your wedding video.  As for the wedding video you will not just get a 6 minute video for your YouTube to show, but you will also get the full ceremony and whatever else we record as well so you don’t miss a moment on your special day.

  • All of your DVD’s and cases will come with a personalized label so you can keep them safe.

  • With any of our work we will always keep them on file in case you need copies made for additional family and friends.  Each copy will be an additional $20.00.  They will also get everything listed above. 

  • You may also request a photo album for an additional $100.00 that will hold a total of 40 pictures.

Please call or txt us anytime at 706-936-9572 and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible to talk about your special day.